Colt .45 Cowboy Revolver……Airsoft (Antique Finish)……by Umarex


  • A very realistic single action cowboy-style airsoft revolver with Antique Finish
  • Full metal construction, with removable shells and solid weight.
  • The grips are imitation wood, however, they are very realistic with a dulled wood effect finish.
  • This version is the antique finish model.
  • Aside from the grips, every part of the pistol is metal including the trigger, hammer, outer barrel and frame, cylinder, cylinder latch, inner barrel and extractor rod.
  • One half of the grip can be hinged off the pistol with no tools, revealing the CO2 cartridge compartment.
  • Simply undo the cartridge screw (with the integrated allen key, located inside the side grip), insert a 12g cartridge and tighten the screw to break the seal.
  • Includes six full-sized metal shells which are completely removable. Each shell holds a single BB.
  • Pulling the trigger cycles the cylinder counter-clockwise, with CO2 forcing the BB down the barrel.
  • There is no hop-up system as the pistols rely on raw velocity to get decent range.
  • Like the real-steel model, the loading latch can be flipped open to remove the shells, one by one by rotating the cylinder. The working extractor rod below the barrel is full functioning, kicking out each shell when the loading latch is open.
  • A fantastic pistol for collectors.
  • Note: As there is no hop-up system and the power output is limited, effective range is approx 20 metres.
  • Fires at: 250-280fps
  • Weighs: 932g
  • Length: 280mm

NOTE: Price is for gun ONLY. Remember to order Co2 canisters and BBs separately if required.


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