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Led Lenser P7.2 Gun Set Lamp Kit


P7.2 torch with pressure sensitive switch and gun mount.
Ideal for hunting, shooting and lamping
Power, low power and boost lighting options
Advanced focus system and speed focus.
Weight – 175gms
Size – 130 x 37mm
Power Supply – 4 x AAA Alkaline Batteries.
• Size: 130 x 37mm .
• Power: 320 lumens max.
• Run Time: up to 50 hours.
• Beam Distance: up to 260m.
• Weight: 175grams.
An independent reviewer tested this torch gun set on two calibres to give you an idea of what to expect if you are going to use it either on an air rifle, rimfire or centrefire rifle. The two calibres  chosen were the .270 and the .22lr.
The kit comes in a lovely gift box and incorporates the following:
• 320 Lumens Torch
• Quick attachment figure of eight style scope mount
• Filter cap (that slides straight onto the top of the torch),
• 4 different coloured glass filters (red, green, yellow and blue) these clip into the filter cap.
• Rat tail pressure switch with built in battery holder.
• Good quality belt pouch
The Torch itself is constructed of very good quality aircraft grade material that is completely waterproof, the housing feels like it has a rubberised coating over it and although it is light, weighing only 175g, it really has the feel of quality.
As in the specs the beam is focusable out to 260metres (I had a comfortable 200metres range out of it) and comprises of a great quick focus system where you just slide the torches head forward and backwards to adjust the beam. I found this a great feature as you did not find yourself having to fiddle about screwing the head of the torch in and out like you have to do with its main competitors on the market.
The battery power in this torch is brilliant considering you are only using 4 AAA batteries to power it, in fact, although the specs advise run time is 50 hours I am sure I have been using this for more than that with still the same batteries I installed into it.
The quick fit scope mount is a little fiddly and non- adjustable but it is a great feature and it is made out of a very good quality plastic, It raises the torch high enough so you do not have an issue with glare-back in the scope when in use and the quick focus on the torch itself helps to push the beam past the objective lens of your scope.
In regards to the filter itself you get a great beam while using them and it did not seem to inhibit the beam much when using it. This is unusual as with most other lamping kits that use a separate filter (and not a specific Cree chip) you tend to lose some beam quality due to having the filter over the white beam.
This torch kit can be used on and off the rifle with great effect however the quality of light through your scope is brilliant and you cannot appreciate how good it is with just the naked eye.
That rat tail feature seems to be a common place now with all gun kits giving you that added advantage of attaching the switch to your stock for a more comfortable and quick night time shooting experience without having to fiddle about in the dark looking for the on/off switch.
Recoil did not effect the unit whatsoever on either a .22 or .270.  The unit is not designed for use on the bigger calibres but it can be with no issues.
This is a great lamping kit to allow you to do pest control cheaply and effectively into the dark hours, the quality and design of the P7.2 is phenomenal for the price. The focus feature on the torch head where you focus just by sliding the head forward and backwards is one of its best features as it is quick and easy to get used to.



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