M15 Airsoft Rifle

ASG Armalite M15 Carbine. Light Tactical Electric Assault Rifle. Full and Semi Automatic. Includes battery and charger.

Branded through ASG, this Classic Army M15 Light Tactical Carbine model is fantastic value for money, with an upgraded metal bearing gearbox, with metal spring guide, quick-change spring system, large rotary dial-design hop-up unit, inline mosfet and battery and charger included!

Ships with a supremely comfortable 10″ ergonomic hand guard with contoured finger grooves. Two rails are included in the box which can be screwed to the sides of the rail to allow accessory attachment. The hand guard also sports a row of KeyMod holes on its underside for KeyMod rail attachment.

M15 Airsoft Rifle includes

This Operator model features a slightly shortened 13″ outer barrel and a unique flash hider finished in black.

Primarily built from quality high-impact ABS, with lots of metal parts. The lower receiver features genuine stamped Armalite markings.

Front and rear sight is full metal and can be folded upwards and locked in place. Fold the sight downwards if you have a 20mm optic attached to your top rail.

Metal parts are abundant, including the barrel and flash hider, bolt catch, dust cover, trigger, stock tube, magazine release and selector.

Package includes a single high capacity 300rd P-MAG style magazine.

The inline mosfet is located inside the stock tube and provides a snappier trigger response, coupled with complete protection from carbon-built on the trigger switch.

The adjustable hop-up unit is located behind the dust cover.

20mm top rail allows the attachment of a variety of 20mm optics.

Fits any of our 20mm scopes or sights.

Working charging handle that can be pulled backwards, flipping open the dust cover.

Inner barrel has a 6.06mm inner diameter and a 330mm length.

Internally you will find an anodised cylinder to reduce friction and a ported piston head for maximum compression.

A 9.6V cranestock battery (INCLUDED) is housed inside the modstock.

Six position retractable LMT SOPMOD stock for comfortable use for all sizes of player.

Basic battery and charger are included! Battery and charger are not covered under warranty

M15 Airsoft Rifle Spec

Fires at: 290-300fps

Weight: 2.45kg

Length: 735-820mm
Battery: 9.6V cranestock 1600mAh (included)
Charger: Non-smart charger (included)
BBs are not included. Click here for BBs or Gas.