Paramo (Women's) Cascada Jacket

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The Cascada Jacket is suitable for a wide range of walkers, nature-watchers and outdoor workers, who are outside in all weathers.

If you are outdoors in all seasons, sometimes moving, sometimes stationary, you need a jacket that you can trust to give you good protection from wind and rain, and that is efficient at dealing with the moisture from perspiration, so you don’t chill when you stop moving.
The Cascada Jacket’s long length and features combine with directional Nikwax Analogy Waterproof fabric to give excellent weather protection and dry comfort.

The Women’s Cascada Jacket has a classic long-line design, additional protective features and pockets designed for walkers

  • Full weather protection guaranteed from fully adjustable hood, double storm flaps, drip skirt and drawcords at waist and hem
  • Freedom of movement and comfort thanks to generous but feminine fit and long-line design with articulation in shoulders and sleeves.
  • Designed with walkers in mind for confident days out with reinforced shoulder construction for pack-carrying and three generous pockets.
  • Nikwax Analogy® is more than just breathable, it is directional, moving liquid water

    Nikwax Analogy Waterproof FabricConventional breathable membrane waterproof fabrics fail because they cannot remove all of the sweat we produce when we are working hard, especially in cold and wet conditions. Therefore condensation and icing are well known problems experienced with membrane rainwear.
    Nikwax Analogy® overcomes these problems because it is not only breathable, but also directional. The Analogy fabric system directs condensation and perspiration away from the body, where it can safely drain away.
    To understand the difference between directionality and breathability, read more here.
    Nikwax Analogy comes in two weights:

    • Nikwax Analogy®: durable, full-weight protection
    • Nikwax Analogy® Light: same protection, weighs 20% less. A little less durable, but perfect for fast & light adventures
    Use these Nikwax products
    to look after your Páramo item (available separately on this website).

  • Do NOT wash with regular detergent.

    Tech Wash®

    Note:  Please allow 2 – 10 days for delivery.
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