Pike Trek Stealth Bream Glidebait Pike Fly


The only fly to fish like a wobbled deadbait!
This fly really does have an action quite unlike any other fly that you have ever used. Designed to float and glide along, all the time wobbling it’s tail to provide a unique target for pike to home in on. When you see it work for yourself you’ll wonder why it’s never been done before…and when you see it send out it’s flash you will wonder how any pike could resist! From deep down in the depths Stealth sends out flash signals that are enough to make you blink! Priceless!
Field-testing  has been nothing short of staggering, with multiple catches of pike from venues that normally only produce the odd few takes being the norm. Big fish have been falling like nine-pins! The biggest so far has been 25lbs 2ozs.
As the captor of this fish says, “it’s the only fly that I have ever seen that fishes like a wobbled deadbait, it’s action is unique and produces takes out of the blue. In just 12 short sessions I have landed 31 pike including seven upper-doubles and a 25lb 2oz fish, my personal best from the venue”.
Pike just cannot resist it’s wobbling tail and big flashy gill-plate, which sends out signals far and wide. Add this to the superb gliding action that the fly demonstrates in between pulls on the line…….absolutely MENTAL!
Another ground-breaking design? Or just another flash-in-the-pan……..YOU DECIDE.  GET ON THE STEALTH if you want to maximize your takes.
Another benefit of the design is the placement of the hook, which increases hooking potential like a carp rig would. With the hook-point totally exposed underneath the fly “slap-wrap” is almost totally eliminated and hook-ups tend to be in the scissors or tongue of the fish, right where all the soft tissue is located in the pike’s mouth.
Fish this fly how you like, it doesn’t really matter. Any kind of action that you impart will be transferred into something that you have never seen before, and you will be amazed at how it works.
Tied to imitate a small natural Bream in realistic colours and with a huge eye to provide the pike a fantastic aiming-point to attack.
Another benefit of the unique design of Stealth is it is virtually snag-proof when thrown in amongst the reed stems, when you pull it back it just bounces off the stems and doesn’t snag, it just continues to fish effectively.
And finally a word or two from a customer…….
“Just to say I had my first fish on the Stealth bream. Only a small jack but notable because I hooked it briefly first time and then dropped the fly on the water again and twitched it  – bang in again. So it really wanted to eat it”.


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