Spiderwire Invisi-Braid

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The new Spiderwire Ultracast Invisi offers the revolutionary 8 Carrier construction and is the highest quality, best performance Spiderwire braided line on the market.
The braid is perfectly woven from 8 HPPE (High Performance Poly Ethylene) Dyneema fibres.
This provides additional strength, super castability, smoothness, durability and abrasion resistance.
Ultracast Invisi delivers an amazingly thin and sensitive line with a high pick count for roundness and extreme durability.
An ultimate line for ultimate performance !
The Invisi series comes in a translucent/clear colour for complete stealthness under water and good visibility above.


  • Now higher, extreme breaking strength
  • Superior sensitivity
  • Round profile
  • Great handling and manageability
  • Extreme castability
  • Ultra smooth
  • Durable and abrasion resistant

Choose from:

15lb   6.8kg   0.20mm   274m      1339669

20lb  9.0kg   0.25mm   274m       1339670

30lb  13.6kg  0.30mm  274m       1339671   OUT OF STOCK

50lb  22.6kg  0.38mm  274m       1339673   OUT OF STOCK

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15lb   6.8kg   0.20mm   274m, 20lb  9.0kg   0.25mm   274m, 30lb  13.6kg  0.30mm  274m, 50lb  22.6kg  0.38mm  274m

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