MP5 BlowBack by G&G (AirSoft)



  • Includes the MP5 semi/full automatic blowback rifle, magazine, smart charger and battery.
  • Made from super-high quality heavyweight ABS, and many other metal parts.
  • Features G&G’s pneumatic blowback system which blows the bolt back with every shot. The pneumatic system offers improved reliability due to less stress on the gears, motor and piston compared to other blowback systems. There’s a great metal “clank” to the bolt as it cycles forwards and backwards.
  • The overall finish of this MP5 is really top notch. It’s stock and upper and lower receivers are super realistic looking, despite being high impact ABS. We liken the finish to the top end Systema MP5s, which is high praise indeed!
  • Includes a low capacity 40rd metal magazine.
  • Metal parts include barrel & front sight tower, magazine release, bolt assembly and front and rear sling mounts.
  • Handguard is made from quality ABS plastic with a nicely matted finish.
  • Features G&G’s reliable 8mm metal bushing V2 gearbox. The heavy metal bolt slides forwards and backwards smoothly and as it’s fully metal, has a great metal clank when released forwards!
  • Easy disassembly body, upper and lower receivers seperate with minimal effort.
  • This A4 model has the bullet selector markings on the lower receiver and the SEF trigger group.
  • Despite its shorter barrel, this MP5 has fantastic range!
  • Adjustable hop-up behind moveable bolt.
  • Metal front and rear sling attachments.
  • Very smooth operation coupled with a very high rate of fire!
  • 1000 high quality G&G 0.2g BBs are included.
  • Includes a quality 500mAh smart charger and 9.6V 1600mAh cranestock battery. Please note: Battery and charger are not covered under any warranty.
  • Power : 300fps (one Joule)
  • Weight:  2.15kg
  • Length:  71 cm

BBs NOT  included. Please see below to order these:


3300 Blaster Airsoft BBs (0.2g)


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