Mardigra Rig “Dazzling Danger” by Shamrock Tackle


Top Wrasse Lure! Just add a little Rag Worm for best results! Excellent for baitfish including Mackerel, Herring & Scad.  Will catch Wrasse, Pollock and Ling also. Has been known to pick up Sea Trout too !

Hook Size: 1. Mainline: 30lb. Snoods: 25lb    5 hooks

If you were forced to only take one rig out to sea, but you needed to catch multiple
species, then here you go! The Mardigra rig is sure to fill your day with variety!

Made with only the finest material and the strongest hooks on the market, you know you’re going to fish with confidence! These guys will pull up even the biggest Wrasse!  Great for pier walls and legs for pollock. Has been known to catch sea trout also!!


Shamrock Tackle

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